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eConnect Japan provides you 6 Plans Available in Multiple SIM Sizes
Once you receive it, it is ready to use. No need to call to activate, we do that for you.
eConnect Mobile app will make it very convenient for you to use their SIM.
You can order their Website and get items Hotels, Airport etc. Very useful service.

Popular Plans

Data Preiod Price
1GB 15 days 3180yen
3GB 30 days 4980yen
5GB 30 days 6880yen

Casual Plans

100MB/day Data (128 Kbps after 100MB/day)

Preiod Price
7 days 2680yen
15 days 3380yen
30 days 4180yen

Shipping Fee: ¥ 790

Prepaid SIM for JAPAN Travel - Mineo

Prepaid SIM for JAPAN Travel - Mineo

Bring Prepaid SIM for Japan Travel with you throughout your travel in Japan. You can use it at various sights and tourist attractions throughout Japan. DataPeriodPrice :--::-:1GB60 days3024 yen5GB60 days5400 yenUnlimited Data6 days3024 yenUnlimited Data11 days5400 yenPrepaid SIM for Japan Travel can be purchased at limited place.

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Prepaid LTE SIM by So-net

Prepaid LTE SIM by So-net

Prepaid LTE SIM by So-net is an easy-to-use prepaid wireless data service that offers downstream speeds of up to 225 Mbps under ideal circumstances. Fast LTE speeds on the NTT DOCOMO network and 3G speeds outside LTE areas are standard. You simply select how much data you think you will need beforehand. If you loose data, You can always add more later. PlanDataPeriodPrice----Plan 1G1GB30 days3000 yenPlan 2.2G2.2GB30 days4000 yenPlan 3G3GB60 days5000 yen Speed is No limit. You can purchase..

Prepaid SIM Card2016-05-02 14:55:41
JAPAN TRAVEL SIM powered by IIJmio

JAPAN TRAVEL SIM powered by IIJmio

IIJ is Japanese famous MVNO. IIJ provides Prepaid SIM card for foreign travelers. Available in stores and Airports.The Brastel Card allows you to place calls by using its dedicated app. DataPeriodPrice:-:-:-1GB 30 days 3100 yen2GB 3 month 4500 yenSpeed is stable, data usage is not enough if you stay over 14 days in Japan

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Prepaid SIM for JAPAN | NTT Communications

Prepaid SIM for JAPAN | NTT Communications

This service is a mobile data communications service for use in NTT DOCOMO'S "LTE” and “FOMA 3G” areas that provide reliable connectivity nationwide.7 days ¥3,218 14 days ¥3,780High Speed Data 100MB/DayUp to 100MB of data communication per day can be used at a maximum speed of 262.5Mbps. If 100MB is exceeded, the communication speed is capped at a maximum of 200kbps.You can also pick-up SIM card at the post office, located in the designated airport.This Prepaid SIM Card is stable

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FREETEL Prepaid 1GB SIM card for Japan

FREETEL Prepaid 1GB SIM card for Japan

Unlimited data for your favorite social apps. When using SNS applications such as Facebook and WhatsApp with [FREETEL Prepaid Data SIM for Japan],the data used by these applications is free. You can freely use the applications without worrying about your data limit.1GB (7 days*) 1,780 JPY2GB (30 days*) 2,780 JPYData only (SMS & Voice unavailable),SIM Types Micro, Nano*The period starts from the first use of data.

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