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Ramen Adventures reports taste of Ramen and Ramen shop.
They have ramen tours.
You can find best Ramen in Japan.
Cafe VG

Cafe VG

Cafe VG is a cafe which is near Waseda station. They serve vegetarian foods. The cafe was made by renovating Japanese old house and it is very stylish. The owner and some staffs can speak English. And There are 3 mascot dogs, and customer can also enter with their dogs. We can spend relaxing time here.

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Robata -no-Ro(ろばたの炉)-Japanese Style restaurant

Robata -no-Ro(ろばたの炉)-Japanese Style restaurant

It is Japanese restaurant located near Iidabashi station. The most nearest exit is B3 of metro. If you use JR, West exit is the nearest. They serves genuine and delicious Japanese food. Especially, I recommend lunch menu. During lunch time, we can choose lunch set(for example, baked fish lunch, vegetable lunch, ginger-fried pork lunch,etc.) by very reasonable price; it costs around 1000yen. We will be satisfied with both of the taste and the amount of the cuisine. And we can enjoy Ja..

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